Thursday, October 6, 2016

Getting Ready For Craft Fairs *FREE PRINTABLE TAGS*

I love craft fairs.
The more I do the more I enjoy them. Meeting new people, getting to check out other tables, and most of all getting the first hand impressions of my work. Those reactions help SO much when planing your next fair.Think of the weather, who will or may be there, and how much time you will be there.
For example, holidays or upcoming weather change has a lot to do with sales. Especially with crochet.
If you sold coffee or tea you may only change the temperature that you serve it. Crochet is SO much harder. But don't be discouraged! Thinking ahead can make the difference.

For my most recent fair it was all for fun and getting a feel for the big two day I have coming later in the year. (I only have two scheduled for this year) Though I did make money the traffic was just no so good......I won't be doing that particular one next year.

Okay speaking of not sighing up....lets talk table cost.
I highly recommend scoping out your events before sighing up of you can.
If not, try not to spend more than $50.00 for a space/table/.

My first fair I spent $100 for the table and made $9. Yes, just $9. I also drove 3 hours to get there. I never went back needless to say.

My best fairs I spend $15-$25 for a space. I always make over $100...*Knocks on wood*

Okay so check out my table before I load my old gold mini van.

Totes are my best craft fair friends! I tag and organize all my crochet before I load up.
Some carriers are also great risers for your table. See the blue and white box with the star currently?
Well that is wooden and I like to tip that on its side and work out of it. it keeps my cash box out of sight along with a pen and bags tissue paper ect.

Risers are very important and keep you table interesting. Having some items at eye level or a little higher draws attention. YOU WANT ATTENTION!

Okay I do LOVE my totes, and clear ones are great because you can always get the stuff you want without labeling the tote or rummaging.
Check out how to make those cute baskets in the tote like the bird says. HERE

The next thing I make double sure to have is a supply box.
In the box I want:

  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Pen and Marker
  • Extra tags (check out my free tags)
  • Twine or yarn
  • calculator ( you never know when you're going to have a brain freeze or you phone dies)
  •  Tape
  • Yarn Needle

Baskets are so lovely to look at and are wonderful for holding little crochet things like cloths ornaments or baby toys.
Now long ago I used to do come painting. But just don't have the time and this little table easel is the perfect display for my crochet hats sign.
I edited the sign using word and printed it on old sheet music like paper. Then I popped it into a wooden frame. It was fun at the time and works for now.

Also having a mirror is great for people to try on hats. Everyone wants to make sure that hat not only feels good but looks good!

Paper lunch bags are super cheep and are so earthy. I love them if someone wishes a bag to take home there new crochet treasure.
I got a rubber stamp and place my shop name on the bags.
Last but not least, a plain table cloth and some flowers and candy in a fun bowl will bring my craft fair table prep to a finish.
Plain table cloths help your work stand out.
I love these dried flowers my cousin gave me to draw more attention.
and the bowl of candy....well, Who doesn't like candy??

Here is another photo of the candy bowl AKA lemon juicer! It looks so different as a candy bowl and so rich and sparkly. I had to take it!!

Unfortunately I only took one photo of the actual event. It is a terrible photo, but I promise to do better and take more photos for my two day coming soon!

So just a few last things about getting ready for a craft fair. Stand up, Smile, Learn, And most of ALL have lots of FUN!

Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today! And Please leave a comment and tell me all about your craft fairs.

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Crochet Virus Poncho Two Corner Pattern

The crochet virus poncho is now available! It is one of the most beautiful and comfortable ponchos you will every make. I have written up the pattern in FOUR sizes so it is sure to be your go to pattern for gift giving. 
Toddler 2T-4T, Child (Small), Regular Adult, and Large Adult
One PDF pattern

You can find it on my Ravelry shop HERE 

And also on my Etsy shop HERE

I want to make one in every color! :) It's just so comfortable and fun!

So soft like "Basil" Kitty

I love the colors of this poncho, Sunrise is the color combo,

Check it out in detail.....SO gorgeous!

Remember to #virusponcho and #virusponchotwocorner and I LOVE seeing your work so send me a message or tag me in your Instagram photos. This is my Instagram LINK 

Please also check out my 4 corner virus poncho Here

You can view the virus blanket video Here

and the virus shawl Here

Thank you all so much for reading and keeping up with my crochet life, I hope you love your new poncho and have a lovely crochet day ~Jonna

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sewing Together Crochet Motifs

Recently I filmed this VIDEO on how to put together this super cute bag, and in the video I promise a Blog post photo tutorial on how to sew together the motifs in more detail.
Yay! Here it is! ❤️❤️
Begin with your motifs, scissor, yarn needle and yarn (use a yarn that is closest to the yarn you used in your crochet, I used white to show off the stitches)

 Check out the corresponding stitches..........................

Flip over your motifs, Wrong side up!

Take your yarn and needle and go through your first two stitches.......

Create a knot..... However you like...........

Now go from one side to the other.......

Do not cross over your work, Side to side............

Should be looking like this about.....Now..............

Keep going...............

DONE!! Yay! Good Job! That wasn't bad, Right?                                  

Now admire your beautiful crochet work...................                                     

Gorgeous! Now move on to the next one :)

Thank you all so much for reading my blog, watching my videos and supporting me!
Have a lovely crochet day.
Jonna oxo

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Four Corner Virus Poncho

Hello everyone! I've finally finished the Four Corner Crochet Virus Poncho!! Yay! It has been one of those projects that I've been bumping to the side to make room for other works in progress, but now its done and so is the video tutorial. You can check that out HERE
I will be writing up a pattern to print off as well. When it is done this post will be up dated.

This red or cranberry poncho is made with Red Heart with Love Yarn. It is a little bit chunky in my opinion, but still lovely, warm and so soft!  I used an H 5.00mm crochet hook and 5 of the 350 yard skeins. If you are going to make this poncho with the same kind of yarn I suggest getting 6-7 skeins just to be on the safe side. I am rather short (5.2) so I didn't have to make it very long.  This poncho can be very very long if you like!
Just keep building!

Now on to my pink variegated Poncho with a cowl style collar.....................

This is my FAVORITE! The yarn is very soft and a lighter yarn, still a worsted weight, but defiantly not as thick as the Red Heart.
So this lovely pinkness is Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn. It comes is so many colors and I want to use them all for this project! :) This is Strawberry.
I used a 4.25mm Hook and about 6 of the 394 yard skeins. I made my cowl collar with 20 rows in front and back post half double crochet.

The lighter yarns make your poncho much more flowing. I also LOVE the super cozy cowl collar.
Snuggle into that on a rainy or snowy day with a good book or a crochet project and I'll promise happiness!

I hope you all enjoyed my YouTube Video. Please check it out if you haven't seen it yet :)
Let me know what you think here in the comments.
Remember to #virusponcho on Instagram!
Have a lovely crochet day, Jonna

Friday, April 15, 2016

Granny Square Day

Crochet Granny Squares are one of those projects that every crocheter should have made at least once.
Scrap yarn is perfect to make granny squares. So if you've never made a granny square grab those scraps ( I know you have them! ) And get to work!
Here is my VIDEO tutorial.
You can make lots of squares and make a blanket with them or you can just make one huge granny square and use it as the blanket.
 I hope you enjoy my new video.
Thank you so much for watching and as always have a lovely crochet day.
oxo Jonna

Friday, March 25, 2016

Afghan Inspired By BBC's Call The Midwife

     Afghan Inspired by BBC's Call The Midwife

This beautifully detailed Afghan is inspired by the gorgeous crochet baby blanket found in BBC's Call The Midwife TV show. 
It's fun to work up and I designed the pattern to be made any size you desire!

I also find it is SO lovely in lots of colors! Make sure to tag me in your Instagram pics so I can see your work ;)

I've created a Printable written pattern HERE and also have a photo tutorial if you continue reading :) You can watch my YouTube VIDEO too!  

Ok, like I said earlier you can make this blanket in any size. The yarn you choose will matter a great deal when choosing your blanket size. Lighter yarns will make smaller blankets. Making a gauge swatch is a big help. Use the hook recommended for the yarn or something close.

You then figure out how many "blocks' you want your blankets width to be then you will crochet it as long as you wish. (It's really not as complicated as it sounds) 
Once your base blanket is complete you will add the luxurious border that I added to mine. The border can be made shorter or longer than mine as well. 
This Afghan has amazing potential for personalizing! 

Lets talk Blocks. These "blocks" are worked all together not sewn together. Your base blocks will be your width and if you choose to add the border it will make your blanket even wider. 
You will need to come up with a base chain. Each "block' is worth 15 stitches, and each space will be worth 2, and you will have 6 on the right side and 3 on the left side. I like to do this on paper like this~

Here are some base chains you could start with. 2 and 3 blocks are great gauge swatches and practice pieces. 

2 blocks = 41     3 blocks = 58     4 blocks = 75     5 blocks = 92     

6 blocks = 109     7 blocks = 126     8 blocks = 143     9 blocks = 160     

10 blocks = 177

This will give you a great start. :) Make a slip knot, choose your chain number and chain away! 

Row 1. Double crochet into the 7th chain from your hook. 
* Ch 1, skip 1 Ch, DC into next *Repeat until you have 8 DC & 7 ch spaces. (chain at the beginning does not count) Ch 2, skip 2ch-this will be the spacer between the blocks. *DC, ch 1, skip 1 ch, DC into next*Repeat until you have 8 DC & 7 chain spaces. Then ch 2, skip 2 ch. for another spacer. Repeat each BL to end. END Place your last DC. You should have 3 ch remaining. ch 2. DC into your last st. ch 4 turn.

Here is row one complete~
Row 2. Skip ch2 space, DC into next 15 st.* ( these st are the 8DC and the 7 ch spaces.)Ch 2 skip 2 ch (spacer) *repeat each BL to end. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 3▫️Skip ch2 space, *DC into next 6 DC, ch3 skip 3 st, DC into next 6 DC of BL. Ch 2 skip 2* for spacer repeat to end. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

 Row 4▫️ Skip ch 2 space. *DC into next 4 DC, Skip 2 DC, ch 4, sc into 2nd ch of ch3, ch 4, skip remaing ch space and 2 DC. DC into last 4 DC of BL.* Ch 2 (Spacer.) *Repeat all BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 5▫️Skip Ch 2 Space. *DC into next 4 DC. DC into next 2 ch of previous ch4, (now you should have 6 DC)  Ch 3, Next DC into last ch2 of 2nd ch4 of previous round. DC last 4 DC.* ( you will have another 6 DC) Ch2 (spacer) Repeat all BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
Row 6▫️Skip ch2 space *DC into each st. (15 DC) you will be placing a DC into each of the ch 3. Ch 2 (spacer) *repeat all BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.
Row 7▫️Skip ch 2 space *DC, ch 1, skip one st, DC* repeat across BL. (You will have 8 DC and 7 Ch 7 spaces.) ch 2 (spacer)  Repeat each BL. END- ch 2 DC into 3rd chain of ch 4. Ch 4 turn.

Row 8 to Finish~ Repeat rows 2-7 until desired length of Afghan.🌼Always finish with row 7 🌼

🌼Now you can start your border! 🌼

1. Base row. sc, half double crochet or DC all the way around your Afghan. Place 2 st into each corner. 

2.  V st around Afghan. Placing two V st's in the corners next to each other- V st explanation= *DC ch1 DC into same st. skip 1 or 2 st *repeat around. 

Here is a photo example of a corner.

3. Place a V st into each V st around. When you get to the corners you will place a V st into both V st's and place TWO V st's in between the two V st's already there. See photo for better understanding. 

4.- make as many V st rounds as you like. 

5. Shell Row. *Place 7 DC into first V st. sc into next* repeat around. 

❤️Thank you for choosing my pattern! I hope you LOVE your new Afghan. Please watch my YouTube video on this afghan and make sure to comment like and share away! 

Have a lovely crochet day xox ~Jonna Of Siena's Maine Design❤️

Copywrite© 2016 Siena's Maine Design Patterns This pattern may not be copied or sold. I encourage you to sell & give away items that you make using this pattern as long as credit is given to Siena's Maine Design.