Friday, December 11, 2015

Photo step by step soap saver

Hello everyone! I decided to try out a photo tutorial on this soap saver. I hope you enjoy it. 
Here is the video on how to crochet this soap saver :)


Friday, December 4, 2015

Busy With Boot Cuffs

So these last few days I've been hard at works on some lovely boot cuff orders. I love this pattern! It is super easy (once you get the hang of the extended single crochet) and they look so pretty in lots of different colors. I am also so in love with these wooden buttons. They are great for all kinds of crochet projects, and have two sides so you can use them flower side out or plan side out.
I used Red Heart yarn for my boot cuffs.
Have you ever made these cuffs?
What yarn did you use?
I used the G hook and F hook recommended in the pattern.
I think these printable labels are the cutest! I feel they really take my crochet to the professional crisp look that I need.
Have fun crocheting today!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Love Jonna

Rainy Crochet Days

  I really enjoy a rainy day.
It's this kind of day you don't mind giving up on that pile of laundry, and all those other house cleaning endeavors.
I don't even feel a little guilty.  I go straight for my crochet.
Looking though my yarn, I choose something that inspires me. Then I grab my favorite crochet hook and settle down in a comfortable chair.
Sometimes I make tea, but I usually get so caught up in my yarn that it gets cold before I drink it, or my kids drink it!
I enjoy coffee sometimes, especially if the rain is a cold one.

  Rainy days are so soothing. The sound of the rain pattering on the roof brakes up the sounds of my boys playing with their toys. The light is soft and calming.
My crochet day flies by.
I look up and realize it's time to make some supper and leave my work for another day.
Burritos for supper-
It was a great crochet day!
I love a good rainy day. Do you?
~Love, Jonna
Loving reds and pinks these days

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crochet Virus Blanket Pattern

                                                         Virus Blanket Pattern
                                     By Siena's Maine Design 

Hello! Welcome to my blog!
Due to recent issues I could no longer provide this pattern for free here. I do still have my video on my YouTube channel so you can watch it whenever you wish.

If you want to print off the pattern on Ravelry here is a 5% off coupon for the visit. (please send friends to my blog rather than sharing the code )

Coupon code: BLOG2017

I also have this pattern on my ETSY shop. (no coupon) Thank you for your understanding! keep scrolling to check out more photos and at the end you can see + links to border options.

 My YouTube tutorial  HERE

You have permission to sell finished products from this pattern. Please give me credit for my work by linking back to this pattern on Ravelry or the video on YouTube.

Thank you so much for the visit!
Always a pleasure crocheting with you! xo Jonna Martinez

Make sure to check out the amazing crochet borders you can add to this blanket!

Check out this Fish Net style  HERE on my YouTube channel