Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Crochet Virus Blanket Pattern

                                                         Virus Blanket Pattern
                                     By Siena's Maine Design 

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Due to recent issues I could no longer provide this pattern for free here. I do still have my video on my YouTube channel so you can watch it whenever you wish.

If you want to print off the pattern on Ravelry here is a 5% off coupon for the visit. (please send friends to my blog rather than sharing the code )

Coupon code: BLOG2017

I also have this pattern on my ETSY shop. (no coupon) Thank you for your understanding! keep scrolling to check out more photos and at the end you can see + links to border options.

 My YouTube tutorial  HERE

You have permission to sell finished products from this pattern. Please give me credit for my work by linking back to this pattern on Ravelry or the video on YouTube.

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Make sure to check out the amazing crochet borders you can add to this blanket!

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