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Crochet Seashell Hat

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Hello everyone!
I've worked up this lovely hat pattern called the Seashell Hat. It is very easy and so fast to work up!
Also check out my video on YouTube on how to crochet this lovely hat.
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Have a wonderful crochet day! ~Jonna

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Here's me in the hat :)

Seashell Crochet Hat Pattern
By Siena's Maine Design

Beautiful stitch right? This is the gray hat and in the Caron Simply Soft. (THE BEST YARN)

­čî╝Gauge: 4dc with J hook = 1 inch. Add more rounds for longer hat. 
J(6.00mm) Crochet hook
H(5.00mm) Crochet hook
Worsted weight yarn (I recomend Caron Simply soft, Gray hat) About 175 yards. 
Yarn needle

fpdc = Front post double crochet
bpdc = Back Post Double Crochet
DC = Double Crochet
sc = Single Crochet

­čî╝ Make a Magic ring. (If you would rather not use a magic ring, Chain 4, join with a slip stitch, chain 2)
NOTES: This hat is worked in the round, Do not turn. Please see the video on my youtube channel for a visual learning of this lovely hat.

With your J (6.00mm) hook~

1. 15 dc into ring, slip stitch to join, ch 1. (15)

2. fpdc in each dc. sl to join, ch 1. (15)

3. fpdc in each fpdc, dc into the spaces between fpdc's. SL to join, ch 1. (15 fpdc,15dc)

4. fpdc in each fpdc, dc into the first space between fpdc and dc. SL to join, ch 1. (15 fpdc,15dc)

5. fpdc in each fpdc, 2 dc into the first space between fpdc and dc. SL to join, ch 1. (15 fpdc, 15 2dc sets)

6. Repeat row 5.

7. fpdc in each fpdc, 3 dc into the first space between fpdc and dc. SL to join, ch 1. (15 fpdc, 15 3dc sets)

8,9. Repeat row 7.

10. fpdc in each fpdc, 4 dc into the first space between fpdc and dc. SL to join, ch 1. (15 fpdc, 15 4dc sets)

11,12,13,14,15,16. Repeat row 10. Or until desired length.

 This photo is the hat with Lion Brand Ice Cream Yarn 

Now using your H (5.00mm) crochet hook begin the brim:

17. Sc around your hat, chain 2 (75sc)

18. DC around your hat, chain 2

19. fpdc, bpdc next stitch, repeat around. 

20, 21. repeat row 19. 

This one is with Red Heart Unforgettable in Tealberry. I'm so in love with this hat. The yarn in more difficult to work with but I find it was worth it. Also if you use this yarn it is on the "lighter" side of a worsted weight yarn so your hat may come out smaller...... I found mine did but I also found it to be very stretchy and I was still able to wear it. :)

Print out your pattern to start your hat from my Etsy shop Or Ravelry.

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