Monday, July 25, 2016

Crochet Virus Poncho Two Corner Pattern

The crochet virus poncho is now available! It is one of the most beautiful and comfortable ponchos you will every make. I have written up the pattern in FOUR sizes so it is sure to be your go to pattern for gift giving. 
Toddler 2T-4T, Child (Small), Regular Adult, and Large Adult
One PDF pattern

You can find it on my Ravelry shop HERE 

And also on my Etsy shop HERE

I want to make one in every color! :) It's just so comfortable and fun!

So soft like "Basil" Kitty

I love the colors of this poncho, Sunrise is the color combo,

Check it out in detail.....SO gorgeous!

Remember to #virusponcho and #virusponchotwocorner and I LOVE seeing your work so send me a message or tag me in your Instagram photos. This is my Instagram LINK 

Please also check out my 4 corner virus poncho Here

You can view the virus blanket video Here

and the virus shawl Here

Thank you all so much for reading and keeping up with my crochet life, I hope you love your new poncho and have a lovely crochet day ~Jonna


  1. Hi Jonna, I am trying to teach myself the virus square but cannot get it to lay flat, have worked three now, different yarns, same size needles as wool suggests and up to the stage where it's just four repeat rows. She'll abs c2c perfect.... what am I doing wrong, my virus curls everywhere...wish I could send photo it looks hilarious.....

    1. You can send me a photo to my facebook Page Siena's Maine Design. If you are still under row 16 than this is normal. If you've gone by it I would suggest pulling it out as you work and blocking when you are finished. Thank you so much for the visit and the comment!

  2. Is there a site where I can get the poncho pattern free? I'm on social security and cannot afford to purchase the pattern even though it's only $5. When you live on $777 a month, that $5 can go to buying food. Please help!

    1. Hello, I am sorry but the pattern is paid only. I work very hard on these patterns. I am always around for any questions regarding the patterns.
      Thank you. If you want to watch my video that is free to watch as many times as you like.

  3. I watched the free tutorial. It was great. How do I adjust the adult size for child size?

    1. You can find other sizes on my written pattern. Thank you for watching!!