Sunday, November 20, 2016

"Daisy" My HappyHippo

I fall in love with every hippo I make with Heidi Bears Happypotamus pattern.

So far I've made three, and I think they take me longer to make than other crocheters.....I tend to get so excited about a color combo, make up the motifs and then they all sit in my work bag for months. I then crochet half of them together and then they go bag back in the bag to wait yet again. It's a painful process but I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the result!

Check out the lovely "Daisy"

Her flowers remind me of Daisies that grow in abundance in northern Maine. Isn't she so sweet? I chose to use small safety eyes instead of buttons, an F 3.75MM hook and cotton mill ends yarn. (I still have WAY too much of the stuff.) It was a bit hard to work with....lots of splitting...I don't recommend it. I did not line this hippo like my other two larger hippos.

Here she is with her amigos

The blue hippo I made using an H 5.00MM crochet hook and a worsted weight cotton yarn, with dome style buttons for eyes.
The pink hippo I made using a G 4.25MM crochet hook and the same peaches and cream cotton yarn as the blue hippo. I did find some BIG safety eyes for this one.
I had to line these bigger hippos because the holes are much bigger. I just stuffed in a large square of muslin and called it good. Then added the polly fill.

My next hippo with be with acrylic yarn for sure. Just to try something new :)

If you'd like to crochet one here is the PATTERN

Let me know in the comments the color combo you think I should try for my next hippo! And if you've made one please share any tips/tricks with all of my readers!
Have a lovely crochet day!