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The Busy Mom Crochet Hat

Hello everyone!! Welcome to my blog, and this Busy Mom Hat post.
I have the pattern here ( keep scrolling) and a video tutorial but if you wish to print off the pattern with no adds and less photos please visit my ETSY shop or my Ravelry shop.

So lets begin!

                                               The Busy Mom Hat
                                   By Siena's Maine Design

This hat is so fast and fun you'll be finishing a few in no time! Perfect for the busy mom, when you just need to put your hair in a quick tie, pop on your hat and run out the door. 
Lets face it, winter is way more fun if you get outside to play and you are cozy warm and your hair isn't in your face!! 

J 6.00MM crochet hook
1 ball Bernat Alpaca yarn Weight category: 5, 70% Acrylic/30% Alpaca, 120yd/110m. 
Yarn needle
optional hair tie and tag

Here's a description of the yarn I found at THIS website and it's perfect (not sponsored) 

"BERNAT-Alpaca Chunky Yarn. A luxuriously soft blend of natural alpaca and durable acrylic. Chunky weight yarn knits quickly with beautiful stitch definition. Sophisticated shades that knit and crochet a fabric with a lovely drape. Alpaca fiber is long, fine and without grease and is shinier, smoother, stronger and several times warmer than wool. It is also heavier and less elastic than wool. Weight category: 5, 70% Acrylic/30% Alpaca, 120yd/110m. Suggested knitting needles: 10/6mm, crochet hook: J10/6mm. Care: hand wash, dry flat, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean. Imported."

I don't know about you, but I find myself buying bulky 5 yarn a lot and NEVER use it. I have so much of it, because it is so pretty yet I just don't have that many patterns for it. 

Okay on to..........................

hdc=half double crochet
hdcblo=half doub;e crochet back loop only
sc=single crochet
sl st=slip stitch
hdc2tog= half double crochet 2 stitches together
* repeat text between stars*

My video tutorial on this hat will help you if you have not done any of these before. 

To Begin~

Make a slip knot and chain 8

Row 1. hdc into second ch from hook and across. ch 1, turn (7hdc)

Row 2-34. hdcblo in each of the 7 st. ch 1, turn 

Now work shold measure about 18 inches long. Fold in half and sl st up side.

From here we will be working around the edge of the brim. 

This TAG is wooden and I got it on Etsy. I love them on hats! This yarn color by the way is Aqua. SO PRETTY! 


Now for the hat part...........................

Row 1. sc into the same ridge you just sl st up and into each row end and ridge around (see pic) sl st to join. (51sc)

Row 2. ch 1, hdc around, join (51st)

Row 3. ch 1 hdc2tog (first two st only) hdc into each st around, join (50st)

Row 4. ch1 hdc around (50st)

Row 5. ch 1 hdc around (50st)

Row 6. ch 1 hdc around (50st)

Now we begin to decrease. Your hat is almost finished!! 

Row 7. ch 1 *hdc2tog, hdc 8* repeat around (45st)

Row 8. ch 1 *hdc2tog, hdc 3* repeat around (36st)

Row 9. ch 1 *hdc2tog, hdc1* repeat around (24st)

Now you can add a hair tie or leave your hat as is

Row 10. Take the hair tie, place it on the inside of your hat. Now sc around the hair tie and into each stitch 24 sc. 

Snip yarn, sew in ends and a tag to show off your work and enjoy!
Thank you for choosing my pattern!
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Have a lovely crochet day.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Easy Pom-Pom Brim Crochet Hat

This hat is SO much fun! you can add it simply to any beanie hat, But I adore it on the Seashell hat. You can check out that pattern HERE for free or watch my tutorial HERE

To print off this pattern and the Seashell crochet hat please go HERE

So here goes the pattern~
Also check out my Pom-Pom Brim Hat video HERE

                                                             Pom-Pom Brim Hat
                                                  Pattern By Siena's Maine Design

This pattern is written to be a modification to the Sea Shell hat pattern. Though you can use any beanie hat pattern you like. It's super fun and quick to work up.

~To view that pattern for free please check out this LINK

sc=Single Crochet
sl st= slip stitch
hdc=Half Double Crochet
dcbp=Double crochet back post

dcfp=Double crochet front post

The hook and yarn you made your hat with ( works best with worsted weight yarns)
yarn needle
two sizes of pompom makers med and small or large and med.

Notes: Right side of hat is the out side of the hat.

To begin~
Make the Sea Shell hat to row 16 or add two more rows to create a slouchy style hat. 

Rows 1 and 2:
chain 1, sc crochet in each stitch around. Join with a sl st. Repeat once.

Row 3 (right side):
ch 1, hdc into each of the next 51 sc. or in next 15 inches of hat. chain 1 turn.

Row 4 (wrong side):
hdc into first st. dcbp next st. *hdc next st dcbp following st* repeat. END with a hdc into last st. ch 1, turn. 

Row 5:
hdc into first st. dcfp next st *hdc next st, dcfp following st* repeat.

END with a hdc into last st. 

Cut yarn and weave in ends if the brim is a desired length. If you wish it longer repeat rows 4 and 5 until you love it. 

Hat ties
Cut 32 pieces of yarn about 15-20 inches long.

Make two bundles and fold each in half. Loop each through the corners of the brim.

Now split one in to two, and twist both bundles to the right. Holding the two twists, cross right over left and repeat until desired length.

Tie off. Do the same for both ties.

Make three pompoms. One for the top of your hat and two for the ends of the ties. tie or sew them on. 


Get some wooden hat tags HERE

Don't for get to check out my video tutorial on this crochet hat and the pompom brim addition. 

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Hope you are having a lovely crochet day!❤️❤️❤️