Friday, October 20, 2017

A Cabled Crochet Hat

A Cabled Crochet Hat

Video by Jonna Martinez
Pattern from Red Heart Yarn

I had so much fun crocheting these cabled hats! The cable stitch seems to be quite popular these days and I am totally on board with it! It gives a lovely texture and bulk to your work with not too much fuss or using bulky yarn that is heavy.
Anyone else think bulky is really heavy on your head?........ It might be just me..... lol 😄

I hope you get to see my video on how to crochet this cabled hat! 
Please note- I was not sponsored by anyone for this video. 
In the video I crochet the light gray/brown one and they are both made in 100% wool yarn in natural colors.
You can use any worsted weight yarn you like though! Just try to go with something that is close to the same thickness as Red Hearts With Love Yarn.

To make one hat size 20-21" and One pom-pom I used:

One 220yrd skein of 100% wool yarn
Crochet hook K-(6.5MM)
Yarn needle
Flexible tape measure
Pom-Pom Maker 3.5-4"
And stitch markers are handy to keep track of your rows

So the first time I made the starting chain of 48 for this hat, I used the recommended hook and yarn.
(with love yarn and K hook) It came out SOOOOOOOO small. I should have snapped a photo of me trying to wrap it around my head!  The pattern states loosely chain. They are NOT kidding. You want to go messy loose with that chain! 
I also realized that 6x8=48 and if you make this hat you should have 8 cables going around the hat.
So basically you can add or subtract 6 to the starting chain to make this hat smaller or larger! 
But please be aware when doing this you will have different numbers all together from the video. 
I plan to do this hat for my kids and my husband. 
I'll be sure to post my new hats here and on my Instagram when I do. 

That's all for now! 
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Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Haunting Masquerade Mask

A Haunting Masquerade Mask

Video By Jonna Martinez
Based on the Pattern By Red Heart Yarn

I had so much fun making this mask! They are pretty simple once you get the hang of how the thread works up.
Now I say that this VIDEO was based on the pattern by Red Heart because I had so much trouble reading this pattern that there may be several places where my verbal instruction differ from the written instruction. But PLEASE don't let that stop you from making one yourself! What I filmed is exactly what I show you, and I think mine looks pretty good 😍 

So I used this light pink size 10 thread ( I wanted to do deep maroon, but alas it would be too dark for film.)  I also used a 1.5mm crochet hook, scissors, yarn needle, foam head, school glue, water and a little spray starch. 

After you crochet this mask make sure to watch my second video on How To Block Your Mask.

Here is the glue I used for my mask. 

I then used some sewing pins and pinned out the mask.

Here it is after sitting overnight. I just LOVE how it turned out!!!

I could definitely see adding maybe some rhinestones or beads to this masquerade mask as well!  

Please make sure to comment here and let me know what you think of this project and if you are planing on making one! 
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Thursday, September 14, 2017

The Luxurious Pineapple Crochet Stitch

Ruby's Pineapple Medley

Pattern Provided By Sarah Al-Amri
Video Tutorial By Jonna Martinez

I LOVE THE PINEAPPLE STITCH!  So when I came across the lovely pattern on Ravelry I just had to ask to create a tutorial. 
Sarah was very quick to respond to my message and gracelessly agreed to the tutorial. She said that Ruby was the pattern writer and passed away during the final stages of the pattern being tested. 
The pattern and videos are dedicated to Ruby. 

For the FREE written pattern please go HERE

For the tutorial I decided to go with some yarn that I had tons of. It is a mill ends cotton yarn that is worsted weight. 

My doily came out HUGE! But is a wonderful table topper. 
Here it is on my kitchen/craft table. Across it measures about 37 inches!! 

My phone camera and Canon disagree on colors!  ðŸ˜Š Here it is on my coffee table. ⇙

The Video tutorial is THREE parts and took me about 4 days to film. I am in love with my giant doily though and when I get a chance I want to try it in a thicker yarn for a rug.  If I get to do that I will do a follow up post. 

If you plan on making this or have made it please let me know in the comments below! I love to hear about others results or plans.

SO here are the links to the videos.

I hope you enjoy watching and making this lovely pineapple doily. 

Thank you for the visit and for watching the tutorial! 
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Thursday, August 24, 2017

How To Crochet Classic Winter Mittens

How To Crochet Classic Winter Mittens

Pattern Provided By Drops Design
Video By Jonna Martinez

These mittens are so much fun to make! In an afternoon you can have them all ready to go play in the snow!
I made mine XS-S size using this gray/blue yarn I found on Ebay. It is Up-cycled yarn. I believe it used to be a sweater! You can also find yarn like this on Etsy. 
I did have to wash the yarn and roll it into a cake when I got it, but all in all I am very happy that it made these beautiful mittens!! 

I also used a G 4.25MM Crochet hook
A yarn needle, 
flexible tape measure
and 4 lovely metal buttons. The buttons (shown) are Dill Buttons and 23MM

I hope you enjoy the video! 
I think that my Busy Mom hat ( ponytail hat) goes great with these mittens too! 

Thank you so much for the visit! Please make sure to watch my video and leave me a comment here! 
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Thursday, August 17, 2017

How To Crochet 0-3 Months Baby Shoes

How To Crochet 0-3 Months Baby Shoes

Video by Jonna Martinez
Pattern Provided by Red Heart Yarns

These little shoes are so quick and easy to crochet up. So quick in fact, you might even get a pair done the morning before a baby shower! 

I love using cotton for baby items 💖(I know some of you are probably thinking "ugh here she goes again!") But really!? What is not to LOVE about cotton and babies! 
Cotton is cool, breathable, soft, washable, and comes in some great colors. 
Babies? well, everything is an endless list. 😍

I am using a yarn called Deborah Norville collection Cotton Soft Silk 
154yds/140m 3 oz/85g
78% cotton 22% silk

It got it on clearance at Joann's. 
It is cotton and silk! Yes, SILK! SO SOFT.

I used the H-8 5.00mm crochet hook that the pattern calls for.
Yarn needle for waving in ends, Two buttons and Scissors 

You can follow 👉my video on these shoes HERE👈

The pattern also comes in other sizes and once you make these the other sizes and following the pattern will be a breeze. 

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Mermaid Crochet Tote and Flower

Mermaid Crochet Tote and Flower

Videos created by Jonna Martinez
Patterns provided by Yarnspirations. 

Hello Everyone! So this super cute bag is my newest project. I really love how it turned out. You can use any yarn you like, but I chose cotton as it is my very favorite yarn for the summer months. 

My video tutorial is HERE

I use an H.5.00mm crochet hook and a 4.00mm hook
Cotton yarn peaches and cream brand and the colors are as follows~
Iced strawberry

The other fun thing about this bag is the FLOWER!! 💖WOW is it ever cute! I could see it used on so many other fun crochet projects. 
I did a video on just the flower. You can find that HERE

 Please let me know what you think of the videos and let me know if you plan to make a bag and or flower for yourself! 
              Have a lovely crochet day,

Monday, July 31, 2017

German Shells Virus Hat

German Shells Virus Hat Pattern

By Jonna Martinez

Hello! I wanted to share and talk about my newest pattern the German Shells Virus Hat.
This stylish lacy crochet hat is super fun and fast to work up. You can also add a pompom for a little extra personality! 

You can find the pattern for this hat on my Etsy and Ravelry shops. 

I used a large pompom maker, Caron Simply soft (one skein even with the pompom) and G 4.25mm crochet hook , a yarn needle and some scissors. 

Below you can see it without the pompom. ↡

Well thank you so much for the visit! Please feel free to message me or comment below with any questions! 
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Monday, July 24, 2017

Crochet Hood On A Poncho

How To Add A Crochet Hood On A Poncho

Poncho Pattern By Drops Design
Video and Hood By Jonna Martinez

To begin I created a video for the Raspberry Smoothie Poncho. It was a fun project and I used the cherry chip color that Caron Cakes has. It did seem to be missing a little something though. 
Then a lovely subscriber asked if I would add a hood to the poncho. I have never done a hood so I said I would look into it. 
Well I am super happy with the out come!! I hope you will be too.
In the video (And it is longer than the poncho tutorial 😳But only because I also teach you how to make you're own tassels!! Yay!) I show you where to start and other details like how to turn etc. 

Please check out the HOOD video HERE 

I used a 6.00mm crochet hook, almost a whole Caron cake, along with scissors, a yarn needle and a flexible measuring tape. 

 I also liked how the rope and tassels when tied, brought the collar up to a more comfortable place than without the hood. 

Here is how the back of the hood looked on mine. 

You can add tassels like me, or you can add pompoms or nothing at all. Maybe do a ribbon or something or a cord for the rope. Lots of fun options. 

Well thank you for the visit! If you read this whole post please leave me a comment. And defiantly check out my VIDEO. xox

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Raspberry Smoothie Crochet Poncho

Raspberry Smoothie Crochet Poncho Tutorial

Video by Jonna Martinez
Pattern provided by Drops Design

Thank you for visiting my blog today! 
I got my poncho finished and the video up, So now I am sharing some extra photos and info on my poncho.

I used two caron cakes in cherry chip color ( I just love how yummy that sounds, goes so well with raspberry smoothie!) I also used a J/6.00MM crochet hook a yarn needle to sew in the few ends and a pair of scissors. 

You can find the free pattern HERE

You can view my tutorial over HERE

I went for 25 rows to meet the 20 or so inches. You can see in this photo below how I measured the poncho~

You can see my tape way up in the corner there ↑

I also used almost both Caron Cakes check out this little scrap I had left over↓

Well thank you again for the visit!! 
Please check out my tutorial on this pattern. I hope you give it a like and leave me a comment. (here too) 😉

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Starfish Crochet Dish Cloth

Starfish Crochet Dish Cloth 

Pattern By Mary Ann Frits 
Provided FREE by Red

Hello Everyone! 
In this video I crochet this super fun an very summer feeling dish cloth. 
I love the ocean so crocheting something with the theme was really great and I enjoyed every stitch! 

I used parts of two balls of Creme de la Creme yarn in Cream and Tan, as well as some cotton mill ends yarn in the blue. I would have used all of the high quality cotton of Creme de la Creme but I didn't have any summer blues or pinks on hand. 
I also used an H 5.00MM crochet hook.

Summer is a hard season to crochet only because the acrylic and wool yarns get sticky and hot. So cotton is my favorite this time of year. 

I also got to show a new stitch for my channel. The reverse crochet stitch or crab stitch. It is a gorgeous edging for all kinds of projects, and not just for dish cloths!  

Practice this Crab stitch and it will be your go to for blankets, baskets, and more! 
If there is an edge it could have a crab stitch! 

So make sure to leave me a comment here and if you get a chance to see the video leave one there too. I love to hear from my readers and viewers. If you have Instagram or Facebook make sure to check out my post there too. 
Have a lovely crochet day!! 
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