Saturday, January 21, 2017

Virus Blanket V Stitch Border

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I added a V stitch border to my virus blanket and it turned out just so lovely!!

I first completed the straight edge border. You can view that post HERE

Make sure to check out that video too.

So after you've done the straight edge border the V stitch is SUPER simple.

NOTES: a V stitch is dc chain 1 dc.

To Begin:

Start in your corner stitches of the previous round. This should also be about the middle of your corner.

Chain 4 (this counts as the 1st dc and chain 1) dc into the stitch you chained up from.

first v stitch complete.

chain 2, make another V stitch in the same space.

Now you have your two corner V stitches.

*Skip 2 st, V st into the next stitch.* repeat this until you get to your next corner

V stitch ch 2 V stitch into the same space for your corner.

*Skip 2 st, V st into the next stitch.* repeat this until you get to your next corner

keep going until you reach the end where you slip stitch to join. DO NOT TURN.

Row 2 

This row will be repeated until you have the border as wide as you like.

slip st into the center of the first V stitch of the corner.

chain 4, dc into the same place. Fist Vst complete.

(Now you will make two corner V stitches into the chain 2 space.)

V stitch ch 2 V stitch into the chain 2 of the previous round.

Now V stitch into each of your previous V stitches, and in to each corner chain 2 place your twin V stitches separated by a chain 2.

I hope this helps for any questions or Help please visit my video HERE

or message me with photos of your work to my Facebook PAGE HERE

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  1. Thanks for sharing such creative work all steps are described clearly. i will try thiss crochet blanket by my own and i hope i will make this.

    1. I hope you have fun making your new blanket! Thank you so much for the visit! Have a lovely crochet day!