Saturday, May 27, 2017

Starfish Crochet Dish Cloth

Starfish Crochet Dish Cloth 

Pattern By Mary Ann Frits 
Provided FREE by Red

Hello Everyone! 
In this video I crochet this super fun an very summer feeling dish cloth. 
I love the ocean so crocheting something with the theme was really great and I enjoyed every stitch! 

I used parts of two balls of Creme de la Creme yarn in Cream and Tan, as well as some cotton mill ends yarn in the blue. I would have used all of the high quality cotton of Creme de la Creme but I didn't have any summer blues or pinks on hand. 
I also used an H 5.00MM crochet hook.

Summer is a hard season to crochet only because the acrylic and wool yarns get sticky and hot. So cotton is my favorite this time of year. 

I also got to show a new stitch for my channel. The reverse crochet stitch or crab stitch. It is a gorgeous edging for all kinds of projects, and not just for dish cloths!  

Practice this Crab stitch and it will be your go to for blankets, baskets, and more! 
If there is an edge it could have a crab stitch! 

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Have a lovely crochet day!! 
Until next time~Jonna  

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Pineapple Peacock Crocheted Shawl

Pineapple Peacock Shawl 

Pattern by Amy Gunderson

My most recent three part tutorial the Pineapple Peacock shawl was a request by a subscriber and I am so happy I was able to create it!  Another big thank you to Amy Gunderson for providing this free pattern and giving me permission to make the video.

Here I wanted to share some links, more info and also more photos of my shawl.

First off link to the pattern is HERE

Video number ONE

Video number TWO

Video number THREE

So you are probably wondering why in the world I made a 30 something row pattern into three parts. Well I was hearing a few saying I was just going a bit too quickly so I tried to slow it down. The result was more footage but so far a very good views response.
Thank you so all who have watched and left me comments!

So to start my shawl I printed off the pattern and picked out some yarn. I did not have what the pattern called for so I chose a couple Caron cakes from my yarns. The color Faerie seemed the perfect fit for something like a peacock.
I ended up using about 1.5 cakes. 300g or so......

I also used my steal J10/6.00MM hook

I love the soft feel of the wool blend yarn, and I could see this done in lots of colors! ↓

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I really enjoyed using this yarn. I was my first project of many. 

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