Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Raspberry Smoothie Crochet Poncho

Raspberry Smoothie Crochet Poncho Tutorial

Video by Jonna Martinez
Pattern provided by Drops Design

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I got my poncho finished and the video up, So now I am sharing some extra photos and info on my poncho.

I used two caron cakes in cherry chip color ( I just love how yummy that sounds, goes so well with raspberry smoothie!) I also used a J/6.00MM crochet hook a yarn needle to sew in the few ends and a pair of scissors. 

You can find the free pattern HERE

You can view my tutorial over HERE

I went for 25 rows to meet the 20 or so inches. You can see in this photo below how I measured the poncho~

You can see my tape way up in the corner there ↑

I also used almost both Caron Cakes check out this little scrap I had left over↓

Well thank you again for the visit!! 
Please check out my tutorial on this pattern. I hope you give it a like and leave me a comment. (here too) 😉

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  1. Hey Jonna, I'm super excited to make this lovely poncho for my sister in-law.

    Here's a curious question. I see the pattern has sizes starting at small/medium and going up to xxxl. I'm a very small framed woman and will probably need an xs/small category. Do you have any suggestions for downsizing?

    I will try the pattern as is first for my sister in-law.

    Any tips would be appreciated :) Do you think dropping the beginning chain from 130 to 110 would be sufficient? Love your videos!! ��

    1. You can try dropping chains for sure! Or just going down to a 3-4MM hook. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I am so happy you liked the video.

  2. I love the colors used in this poncho, you have done an incredible job making it. Please keep making more crochet pieces and sharing their tutorials.

    1. Thank you so much! I will for sure keep crocheting as long as you enjoy watching :)