Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Haunting Masquerade Mask

A Haunting Masquerade Mask

Video By Jonna Martinez
Based on the Pattern By Red Heart Yarn

I had so much fun making this mask! They are pretty simple once you get the hang of how the thread works up.
Now I say that this VIDEO was based on the pattern by Red Heart because I had so much trouble reading this pattern that there may be several places where my verbal instruction differ from the written instruction. But PLEASE don't let that stop you from making one yourself! What I filmed is exactly what I show you, and I think mine looks pretty good 😍 

So I used this light pink size 10 thread ( I wanted to do deep maroon, but alas it would be too dark for film.)  I also used a 1.5mm crochet hook, scissors, yarn needle, foam head, school glue, water and a little spray starch. 

After you crochet this mask make sure to watch my second video on How To Block Your Mask.

Here is the glue I used for my mask. 

I then used some sewing pins and pinned out the mask.

Here it is after sitting overnight. I just LOVE how it turned out!!!

I could definitely see adding maybe some rhinestones or beads to this masquerade mask as well!  

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  1. Now I just need to find a foam head. LOL

    1. I got this one on line! Thank you for the visit!